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Why TV is still the most effective advertising medium

According to the most groundbreaking research for the ad industry to date from the Advertising Research Foundation where 5000 global campaigns and 12 years of data were studied; more platforms equal higher ROI, and  it is the combination of TV and digital that’s the most powerful of them all with 60% greater ROI.

So if you are considering shifting more spend to digital next year, add back television. Advertising is more likely to be encoded in long-term memory if your audience encounters unified creative messaging in multiple media, especially when it is the media, that has the proven ability to emotionally and rationally connect with your audience through premium, high-quality audio visual content.


TV ads versus Digital ads ?

 Rich Lehrfeld, Senior VP, Global Brand Marketing and Communications at American Express was quoted in an AdAge article sharing similar views: “TV as a traditional medium is still important. When we run a heavy TV schedule, we see a lift in sales and product awareness. We need to run two weeks of digital to get the reach of one day of broadcast.”

Why you should invest into tv ads ?

Several recent reports confirm that nothing is more effective than television, in both short and long term strategies, and warn marketers against shifting money away from traditional mediums.

Why TV ads are important?

TV advertising creates, builds and grows brands. TV advertising builds brand fame and keeps brands alive in your mind for much longer than a sponsored post or a search result.

What do i need to know ?

TV creates the highest volume of short to medium-term sales.   It drives more media-driven sales than any other communication channel

Is TV ads good for long term marketing?

TV advertising dominates longer-term response.  Half of all media driven response comes 3-24 months post campaign and TV is responsible for 52% of the impact that media has in the longer-term. 

Lower rating spots?

Lower rating spots tend to be the most effective at driving an immediate response. This is likely to be driven by levels of engagement, with viewers less willing to compromise the viewing experience of a programmer they are immersed in to go online.

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