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our choices are very powerful.

When you make choices that are world-class, you’ll get world-class results. Mediocre choices? Mediocre results.

Most of us spend a lot of energy justifying bad behavior. How many times have you ignored your best self and gone ahead and done that thing you swore you’d never do again, making an excuse? I was in a rush. It doesn’t really matter – it’s only this one time.

Chances are, it’s happened already today.

When your actions aren’t congruent with your values, it creates instant dissonance. Stress. And since the impact is anchored in your values, reduced impact.

Stop making excuses for your limiting behavior. Stop wasting your precious energy and your company’s valuable resources practicing negative behaviors. Behaviors that keep you in the mediocre zone.

To get different results, do things differently.

If you want to change the world with your business, if you want to live a magnificent life, you’ll have to stop making poor choices that sabotage your and your company’s success.

Why do we do this?

Change is hard! Your limitations have become comfortable. They’re a sad kind of safety zone where at least it’s the devil you know.

Stepping out beyond the envelope of comfort can be intimidating. At the moment, it feels more painful to step out of your limitations than to act out of alignment with your values.

How badly do you want to keep your limitations?

People who want to change the world are willing to trade safe choices for the freedom to make a difference.

Are you willing to give up your comfort for the chance to contribute to making the world a better place?

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